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Munich is one of the top destinations for city tourism in Germany and in Europe. With its over 800 years of history it has more to offer than the Oktoberfest and soccer. Come on a journey to discover Munich´s most amazing neighborhood of Haidhausen. It is near the city center and easy to reach.

More importantly, it is full of the true soul of Munich. Next to plenty of cafés there exist Munich´s most iconic beer halls, like the Hofbräukeller. Food gourmets will also love the many restaurants in the quarter, from Bavarian food to French cuisine to burgers.

Furthermore, there are many cultural events for classical music and Jazz. Museums like the Villa Stuck or the Deutsches Museum which is near Haidhausen offer new perspectives in European art and technology. Now find out more about what Haidhausen and Munich have to offer on these pages.

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City Walk Haidhausen

Get out of your hotel and explore the city! With this tour on foot you can see the best parts of Haidhausen. It is great for every season and includes a sizable portion in the park.

Duration: about 1.5 hours

Starting Point: Munich East station (Ostbahnhof)

Destination Point: Max-Weber Platz metro station

We start our tour of Haidhausen at the Ostbahnhof (Munich East station). Exit the Ostbahnhof station on the main exit. You should now see the Orleansplatz (Orleans square). Go to the right and cross the traffic signal. On the right hand side you can see a neo Rennaissance building with a tower. Today there is the hotel Stadt Rosenheim located in the building.

Continue until the Wörthstrasse and go along the Wörthstrasse. The buildings you now see were constructed at the end of the 19th century. Go along until you see a strip of green with a fountain. That is the Bordeaux square (Bordeaux Platz). Follow the Wörthstrasse until you see the bakery Neulinger. The building has a rustication in the first floor. Go further along the Wörthstrasse. You see a number of restaurants like the Café Voilà and the Nomiya and an Indian restaurant. Walk until the Preysingstrasse. You can now see an ice cream shop and a Turkish vegetable and fruit grocer. Go for a treat if you like. The benches offer easy space to sit on.

Now turn right into the Preysingstrasse until you see the Üblacker house on the right side. It was once a house for the poor and has only one floor. In front of the Üblacker house is a fountain. Nearby is the Kriechbaumhof house. It is made of wood. In the 18th and 19th century it was an inn and had rooms to rent. Continue along the Wolfgangstrasse until the Kirchenstrasse. You can now see the Greek resturant Paros and a laundry service. Turn left into the Kirchenstrasse and go along until the Johannisplatz. There you can now see the catholic church St. Johann Baptist. It is a landmark of Haidhausen. Go along the Kirchenstrasse until the Max-Weber-Platz. Turn right until the metro station (U-Bahn). Now cross the street to the other side of the Innere Wiener Strasse. Between the Targobank and the butchery Vinzenz Murr there is a small sidestreet that leads down to the "Kreppe". These are old houses of the poor located in a former gravel-pit. Go along until you come to the Wiener Platz. The Wiener Platz is the social center of Haidhausen with a number of food stalls and the possibility to eat, for example a sausage or a fish bun.

Continue along the Innere Wienerstrasse to the west. Go until you see on the left hand side the cultural center Gasteig. On the right hand side you can see the Müllersches Volksbad, a public bath. Go until the river and the bridge, but do not cross the bridge. There are stairs down to the Müllersches Volksbad. That´s the way we take. Go north along the river Isar, until you see the Muffatwerk on the right hand side. Continue along the path on the side by the river until you see the big building Maximilianeum. Keep going on the path on the side by the river and go under the bridge (Maximiliansbrücke). Now you can find your way in the park and go more to the east, maybe on the king Ludwig II way. Go north in the park until the end where you see the big the statue of the angel of peace. You should now be at the Prinzregentenstrasse. Turn right in the opposite direction into the Maria-Theresia-Strasse. There, you can see nice city villas of lawyers and banks. Go further along the road until you see the crossing of the Max-Planck-Strasse. Turn left into the Max-Planck-Strasse and go until the endpoint of our journey, the U-Bahn station Max-Weber-Platz (metro).