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Munich is one of the top destinations for city tourism in Germany and in Europe. With its over 800 years of history it has more to offer than the Oktoberfest and soccer. Come on a journey to discover Munich´s most amazing neighborhood of Haidhausen. It is near the city center and easy to reach.

More importantly, it is full of the true soul of Munich. Next to plenty of cafés there exist Munich´s most iconic beer halls, like the Hofbräukeller. Food gourmets will also love the many restaurants in the quarter, from Bavarian food to French cuisine to burgers.

Furthermore, there are many cultural events for classical music and Jazz. Museums like the Villa Stuck or the Deutsches Museum which is near Haidhausen offer new perspectives in European art and technology. Now find out more about what Haidhausen and Munich have to offer on these pages.

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Munich Mundsemmel

November 20, 2017

Münchner Mundsemmel in Haidhausen

A royal specialty from Munich is the “Munich Mundsemmel”. It is a bun you can get in many bakeries in and around Munich. It has a cross in the middle made by a stamp. The crust is golden and yellow.

The south German word “Semmel” probably originates from the Latin “semula”, a wheat pastry. The word “Mundsemmel” comes from the high quality of the bun because it was made of the best quality flour. In the 19th century it was originally only for the royal court but later also became available to the common people.

You can enjoy the bun for breakfast with marmalade or honey, and butter. Also for a quick snack between the meals it is an excellent choice, for example with sausage.

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